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Speed Dating for Valentine’s

JCafé Adds Event to Regular Meeting
     If you’re a Jewish single looking for other Jewish singles, especially on a college campus, it might be hard to know where to go. And with Valentine’s Day coming up, perhaps this thought has been on your mind even more.
    One event you should consider attending this Valentine’s Day is JCafé Speed Dating in Little Italy. Don’t let the name fool you; you don’t have to travel all the way to Italy for this event. This event can be found at Rutgers Chabad House in New Brunswick.
    JCafé is run every Tuesday night, starting around 9:15 p.m. You’ll find free food and hundreds of young people, typically between ages 18 and 24. Occasionally, these programs include themes that go beyond the food menu. Valentine’s Day is one such program. On Feb. 14, JCafé will include food and speed dating for singles who wish to participate.
    Given how many people attend on a typical Tuesday night, it may be a bit overwhelming to go on your own. For that reason, feel free to bring a fun friend with you. But remember, bring someone you have fun with who also wants to have a good time. You never want to look or feel isolated nor isolate yourself from a good time! That being said, if you’re more fun flying solo, then power to you!
    There is no pressure to participate in the speed dating, but it might be a fun way to talk to a variety of people without wondering how you should end a conversation you might not be interested in. Otherwise, you are always welcome to enjoy the food, mingle with the crowd, and watch the speed dating.
    Enjoy the party!

Dr. Jacqueline Roberman-Glyn is a contributing writer to Jlife magazine. 



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