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“Parsha Talks” is the brainchild of Rabbis Eliot Malomet, Barry Chesler and Jeremy Kalmanofsky that emerged during the height of the COVID pandemic.

Rabbis’ Podcast Continues to Grow

    “Parsha Talks” is the brainchild of Rabbis Eliot Malomet, Barry Chesler and Jeremy Kalmanofsky that emerged during the height of the COVID pandemic when synagogues and Jewish communities were unable to gather in person.
    They continue to meet weekly to record fun and deep discussions about the weekly Torah Portion. Talking to Rabbi Malomet via Zoom, I got a sense of the importance of this project for the community of fans that has ballooned over the last couple of years.
    As many people felt detached from Judaism and the Jewish community, they knew that every week, they would be able to watch or listen to an engaging conversation with the three rabbis.
    “Parsha Talks” is a podcast aimed at bringing people closer to Torah learning, regardless of their level of knowledge or background. The rabbi hosts provide insightful and relatable commentary on the weekly Torah portion, sharing stories, insights and practical advice to help listeners connect with the teachings on a deeper level.
    They break down complex concepts into easy-to-understand language, making the teachings accessible to everyone. By incorporating personal anecdotes into their discussions, the rabbis make the show engaging and relatable, creating a sense of community and belonging for listeners.
    Whether someone is new to Judaism or has been studying it for years, “Parsha Talks” is an excellent resource for anyone looking to deepen their understanding of the religion and its teachings.
    The show combines serious Jewish teachings with a healthy dose of humor. The rabbis use their wit to engage their listeners and make the teachings more relatable. Their lively discussions often feature playful banter and humorous anecdotes, allowing listeners to learn while enjoying a good laugh.
    The rabbis’ sense of humor is contagious, making the show an enjoyable and refreshing experience for anyone looking to deepen their understanding of Jewish teachings. By using humor, the rabbis demonstrate that learning doesn’t have to be dry or boring, and that a little laughter can go a long way in bringing people together.
     “In our current journey through the Parshiot, we are in the midst of the building of and subsequent practices that take place in the Mishkan, the portable tabernacle the Israelites built in the desert,” said Rabbi Malomet. While these sections generally seem less relevant to us than the exciting and deep stories of Genesis or the morally insightful narratives of Exodus, Rabbi Malomet discussed how they frame these Parshiot to their listenership.
    “These sections are all about discussing how we can create a place where G-d wants to dwell,” he said. “And it isn’t always easy. The construction projects and sacrificial details seem long and arduous, but in the end, the Torah teaches that when we work for something, the whole truly is greater than the sum of its parts.”
    If you’re looking for an exciting and novel way to study the weekly Parsha, go online and find “Parsha Talks” on YouTube under “TheHPCTCAE.” This podcast offers a unique and engaging way to deepen your understanding of Jewish teachings while fostering a sense of community and belonging. You can also hear Jlife’s exclusive interview with the rabbis here.  

Rabbi Daniel Levine is a contributing writer to Jlife Magazine.


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