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PJ Library Activity in the park

Who—What and Where —are PJ Library Ambassadors?

    As a first-time mom during the height of Covid closures, Jacqueline Roberman-Glyn didn’t experience baby-and-me classes with other parents and their infants.
    In spring 2021, as warmer weather broke, she heard about a baby music class in the park. Turns out it was organized by a “PJ Library Ambassador,” it led to making friends among other PJ Library families, and about a year later, Jackie became a PJ Library Ambassador, herself!
    In the following Q&A, learn more about Jackie and welcome the community’s newest PJ Ambassadors, Sigalit Grego and Jessica Volk, as all of them excitedly plan events from craft-and-story time to hamentaschen baking throughout February and March.

PJ Library Playdate

    PJ Library is a free monthly subscription to Jewish-themed books and music bringing joyful and age-appropriate Jewish learning and experiences to thousands of young children in Monmouth and Greater Middlesex counties.
    PJ Library Ambassadors extend the benefits of a PJ Library subscription by connecting children and their families with friends and fun through neighborhood-based gatherings. 
Q: WHAT inspired you to become a PJ Library Ambassador?
A: Jacqueline Roberman-Glyn,
Manalapan/Marlboro area

    When I went to that first baby music class in the park, I hadn’t heard of PJ Library, but our family became big fans and got involved pretty quicky. About a year in, when an ambassador position opened, I was honored to be recommended for it by multiple people. I was excited for the opportunity as I was a stay at home/work from home mom with a one-year-old son. We were always looking for fun programs to keep him occupied and to help me meet new people (especially make more mom friends).
     I initially accepted the position for somewhat selfish reasons, but now I see there are a lot more people who are excited about local events, and I have met many who are new to the area and didn’t know a lot of people prior to coming to one of my programs. How cool is that?! I am creating community and connecting people to each other!
    My now two-year-old son loves his PJ Library books. I think his favorite part might be getting a big envelope in the mail with his name on it. He likes to pick one book for me to read, one for my husband to read, and then keeps his favorite book for himself to “read.”
    I love that my ambassador role enables me to share the many gifts of PJ Library with a growing community.
    I am planning a Hamentashen Bake for March 12 at the Jewish Heritage Museum in Freehold. I am definitely looking for help if anyone wants to volunteer!

PJ Library Activity at B’nai Tikvah

Q: HOW do you hope to make a difference in the Jewish community through your new PJ Library Ambassador role?
A: Jessica Volk, East Brunswick/Old Bridge
and Metuchen/Highland Park areas

    I have been a school librarian for the past nine years. I have seen the joy that books bring to children and I’m passionate about finding ways to make reading intriguing and fun to promote a lifelong love of reading.
    PJ Library has the power to do all that while also sparking a love of our culture and religion by sharing Jewish values and traditions. And since I have worked mostly with middle and high school students before, I am looking forward to making this difference for younger children. 
    As the Feb. issue of Jlife goes to print, I am planning to hold a book swap on Jan. 22 at a local Panera: to drop in, parents grab a coffee, and bring a PJ Library book to trade with a new friend! If all goes well, I will make it a monthly staple.
    On Feb. 26, I’m planning a Purim Story Time and Craft at the East Brunswick Public Library.
    I’m looking forward to bringing people together.
Q: WHY are you excited about your new role as a PJ Library Ambassador?
A: Sigalit Grego, Eastern Monmouth County
    Community is important to me and being able to connect with new families is exciting.
    I can’t wait to create joyful and meaningful experiences where everyone’s sharing and learning about our Jewish culture.
    For starters, I’m reaching out to families in the area to hear what their needs and interests are, what kind of initiatives they would like to see for parents and children as well as grandparents with grandchildren.
    I am hoping to collaborate with local synagogues and organizations in the future. I’m excited that a couple different congregations who I’ve met with are also enthusiastic about the possibilities of bringing families with young children together through PJ Library programs. 
Q: WHO are the heart of NJ’s PJ Library Ambassadors?
A little more about them:

Jacqueline Roberman-Glyn and family

    I am a Doctor of Occupational Therapy with my own private practice. I work primarily in orthopedics with women and children. I am also an adjunct professor and both my husband and I have recently started contributing articles to Jlife magazine.
    Being a PJ Library Ambassador fits into my life PERFECTLY and I am quite grateful for the opportunity.

Sigalit Grego

    I’m originally from Israel and now living at the Jersey shore.
    Before I decided to be a stay-at-home mom, I did corporate communications within the financial and banking industry, event coordination at the JCC, Staten Island, and substitute taught at a public elementary school.
    I am a mother of three strong-willed kiddos, ages 12, 9 and 8. I’m a Taurus and have an identical twin sister.
    I love cooking, hosting Shabbat meals and sharing my recipes, which you’ll see a lot of in my social posts.

Jessica Volk and family

    In addition to being a school librarian for 6th-8th graders, I own my own consignment business selling second-hand fashion online. I have given over 5,000 pieces of clothing a new home!
    I grew up in East Brunswick and currently reside nearby with my husband Matt, our three-and-a-half-year-old son and our five-month-old daughter. I look forward to meeting you and your littles!
Q: WHERE can you find Jackie, Jess, and Sigalit to connect with their local groups?
Jackie’s Manalapan/Marlboro group:
Sigalit’s Eastern Monmouth group:
Jessica’s Highland Park/Metuchen group:
Jessica’s East Brunswick/Old Bridge group:
    Jewish Federation in the Heart of NJ brings PJ Library Ambassadors and The Harold Grinspoon Foundation’s PJ Library books and music—for free—to thousands of Jewish children aged six-months to twelve-years-old throughout Monmouth and Greater Middlesex counties. Arriving through the mail each month, age-appropriate books and music celebrate Jewish holidays, themes, and traditions. Ambassadors’ and partners’ local events extend the PJ experience, including children in community fun with family and friends.
    If you know or have children or grandchildren who might delight in receiving their very own package filled with Jewish joy each month, check out PJ Library and subscribe free of charge at jewishheartnj.org/pjfun.
    Jewish Federation is proud to give the gift of PJ Library to support young families building community, promoting joyful Jewish learning, and making happy Jewish memories.  



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