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Jlife Buzz- Supporting the Freedom of Reproduction Act

Wendy Cominsky, Sandy Meo, Debra Biterman, Marilyn Stone, Elaine Kaufman, Roberta Karstadt. Not shown- Phyllis Rubin

On June 23, 2023 a group of concerned local women met to sit shiva on the one-year anniversary of the Supreme Court’s voting to overturn Roe vs. Wade. Fortunately, our governor, Phil Murphy, signed the Freedom of Reproduction Act on January 22, 2022, thus locking in New Jersey’s women’s continued access to reproduction rights and abortion. Governor Murphy’s demonstrated concern for women’s health and his forward thinking merit our deepest commendation. Signed: Elaine Kaufman,Roberta Karstadt, Marilyn Stone, Debra Biterman, Sandy Meo, Wendy Cominsky and Phyllis Rubin.  


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