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Jlife Buzz-Chabad of Monmouth University’s Welcoming BBQ: Strengthening the Campus Community

    Chabad of Monmouth University has been at the forefront of creating a warm and inclusive environment for students on campus. With a plethora of programs, including weekly classes, Wednesday lunch and social hours, and the cherished weekly Friday night dinners, Chabad has become a home away from home for many.
    On Thursday, September 14, the Chabad community took their hospitality to the next level by hosting the much-anticipated Welcoming BBQ at Chabad of the Shore in Long Branch. This event marked a joyous occasion where students from various backgrounds came together to enjoy a delightful barbecue, engaging games, and the enlightening words of Torah.
    Sophomore Matt Finkelstein shared his thoughts on the event, saying, “The Welcoming BBQ is not just about food and fun; it’s a chance for us to connect with our fellow students and strengthen our bond as a community. Chabad provides us with a sense of belonging that goes beyond the classroom.”
    Freshman Lynda Levy echoed this sentiment, adding, “As a newcomer to Monmouth University, I felt immediately welcomed by Chabad. This BBQ was a fantastic way to meet new friends and feel like part of the Monmouth family.”
    Chabad of Monmouth University’s Welcoming BBQ exemplifies its commitment to fostering a vibrant and united campus community, where students find not only a place to grow academically but also a supportive spiritual home that enriches their college experience and connects them with Judaism. This event was more than just a barbecue; it was a celebration of unity, and the enduring spirit of togetherness that Chabad instills in its students.
    To learn more about Jewish Life Monmouth University call 732-229-2424 or email Rabbi Greenberg at ygreenbe@monmouth.edu.   


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