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Jewish Singles, Lets Mingle!

Navigating the ups and downs of finding that perfect match.

Are you looking for that lasting relationship, but somehow find yourself more single than a pringle?
    Then this is THE column for you to read. I’ll tell you about local events for singles, how singles are meeting these days, and perhaps even spotlight some of the most eligible singles in the area!
    From what I’ve gathered so far, it seems the biggest problem with today’s dating world is the one thing we love most—our phones. Ironic, isn’t it? We look at our phones more than our friends, rely on our phones to have our conversations, and hold our phones more than our loved ones’ hand.
    So how can you form a relationship when everyone is already in a committed love connection with their technologies?! Lucky for you, I’ll help break down today’s dating culture, the dos and don’ts, and tell you where you can meet Jewish singles like yourself.
    Did you know local universities, like Monmouth and Rutgers, have events that are open to the public? Which means, even if you are not a student at this school, you could attend an event that peeks your interest and perhaps meet someone there who peeks your interest even more. One such opportunity is the J-Cafe Speed Dating event hosted by Rutgers Chabad House. Last year, this event had 60 participants, with over 130 people in attendance overall. The details for 2023’s event have not yet been released, but tune into next month’s issue of Jlife Magazine for the latest information.
    If the college scene is not the way you prefer to spend your time, there are also organizations that host events specifically for young professionals. While a majority of these events are not specifically dating events, approximately 98% of the attendees tend to be Jewish singles. One of these popular organizations is Mesorah NJ, which is primarily located in Highland Park, but does have programming in Jersey City as well.
    For now, I’ll leave you with these questions to think about: Today’s singles prefer casual for a first meeting, what’s your idea of a good first date? Does time of day impact the success of a first date? Are virtual first dates still acceptable post pandemic?
    Happy New Year! May this year bring you the relationship of your dreams!
    Your Friendly Neighborhood Yenta  

Dr. Jacqueline Roberman-Glyn is a contributing writer to Jlife Magazine.



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