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Connecting with Hadassah

Area chapter gears up for program year

    There are several ways to connect and get involved with the Jewish community in New Jersey. If you are a Jewish woman looking to get involved in the community and connect with other Jewish women, you should check out Hadassah.
    Hadassah, the Women’s Zionist Organization of America, can be found across the country. Chapters can be found through various regions. Locally, we have the Southern New Jersey Region, which includes a chapter in Red Bank.
    The Hadassah mission statement notes, “For 100+ years, Hadassah has worked proactively to find and implement solutions to some of the most pressing challenges facing each generation. Together, we’re advancing women’s health, supporting a strong Israel and instilling Jewish values in future generations.”
    To get a better sense of just how strong a community Hadassah creates, I spoke with Jana and Robin Zager from the Red Bank Chapter. I wanted to know how they both got involved, how others can get involved, and if they had any programs coming up.
    “Robin began her journey with Hadassah back in her high school days,” Jana Zagar wrote. “She and her best friend joined the local Junior Hadassah chapter because her friend’s mom was president of the Pascack Valley Chapter of Hadassah. Robin continued to be active as Junior Hadassah was absorbed into Young Judaea, also sponsored by the ‘parent’ Hadassah. 
    “Then, while at Douglass College, Robin led several Young Judaea groups in Highland Park, NJ. After her stint in the Philippines, she and her family moved into Monmouth County and she joined the Red Bank Chapter of Hadassah.   
    “Before there was even a Hadassah chapter for me to join,” Jana continued, “Robin gifted me a lifetime membership around 2010, or so. I was living in Corpus Christi, Texas, at the time and never envisioned having the opportunity to be a part of my “grandmother’s organization,” which is what I thought comprised Hadassah. Shortly after I moved to New Jersey in 2015, Robin invited me to a chapter meeting. It was there that I volunteered to co-chair our pledge dinner with one of our veteran members. I’ve been involved ever since, mainly as Program Chair.
    “We have our annual Pledge Dinner on May 24 at Salt Creek Grille in Rumson, NJ, as well as our infamous ‘Taste of Hadassah’ which will span May to October. There will be two or three events scheduled each month where members volunteer to host the event such as a brunch, lunch, pool party, barbecue, bourbon tasting, dessert party, tea party, or a children’s event. Anyone can sign up for as many events as they’d like.
    “This has been a fun and successful fundraiser for us and we are excited to bring it back this year after our three-year COVID hiatus. We will also resume our Walk ’n’ Talk in the woods as the weather warms up and will be scheduling our summer luncheon and speaker as well. Stay tuned for dates.
    “And finally, on October 4, we will be hosting our first Pocketbook Bingo at Congregation B’nai Israel in Rumson. We are excited to bring this FUNdraiser to Red Bank Hadassah.”
    You can find the group on Facebook at Red Bank Chapter of Hadassah and can also get involved by attending a chapter meeting held the second Monday of each month.
Red Bank Chapter of Hadassah | Facebook
Regions | Southern New Jersey (hadassah.org)  

Dr. Jacqueline Roberman-Glyn is a contributing writer to Jlife magazine. 


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