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Barbeque Bonanza

Add some kick to your summertime parties

Summer is here and what better way to usher in the fun than a backyard barbeque? Making new connections is not only great for kids, it’s nice for parents too. And a little summer block party can provide the ultimate opportunity to make new friends.
    There are many ways to pull off the ultimate shin-dig, but we want yours to really stand out. Here are a few ways to make sure your family fun day “cuts the mustard.”

    It all starts with a great invite. Here are some unique ways to kick off the fun.
• Hand-deliver barbecue sauces to your potential guests. Replace the store label with a custom one with all of the party details printed on it.
• Send each guest a piece of Tupperware with the details of the barbecue inside. Invite each family to fill these “invites” with their favorite side dish or dessert to compliment your culinary creations. (The guests get to keep the Tupperware as a favor).

Party Favors
    Send your guests home with something that reminds them of the blast they just had.
• Plastic pinwheels, beach balls, plastic foam plane gliders, yo-yos, kites, bubbles, jump ropes, outdoor chalk and water toys are great favors for kids.
• Personalized soda bottles, BBQ sauce, BBQ tools or outdoor mugs are all useful and appreciated by adults.
• And everyone loves glow jewelry. Let them “glow” with good feelings by handing out fluorescent bangles.

The Games!
    Of course, there is always the traditional potato sack races, balloon toss, tag and backyard baseball, but you can add even more sprinkles to your cupcake of fun.
• Badminton, croquet, Frisbee and horseshoes, while seemingly usual, are all great ways for people to relax, socialize and be outside. Plus they are activities for both the parents and kids to enjoy.  


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