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A Virtual Trip

Students of the Hebrew Academy experiece Israel in a unique way. 

The students of Toddler, Transition Nursery, Nursery, Pre-Kindergarten, and Kindergarten participated in a simulated overnight trip to Israel, complete with passports, suitcases, and, once in Israel, trips to Masada, Jerusalem, and more. 
     They departed on El Al Flight #75.  The 2-day trip will simulate air travel complete with security, a cockpit, announcements from the pilot and an in-flight snack, as well as visits to popular tourist attractions.
    Once they arrived in Israel, they had a whirlwind tour of Jerusalem, Eilat, Ein Gedi, Masada, the Dead Sea, Mount Hermon, and a Kibbutz. In Jerusalem, they wrote a note at the Western Wall, visited Hadassah Hospital, and bargained for the best deals at the Shuk. At the Dead Sea, they covered their hands in mud and “floated” in the water. While traveling to the North of Israel, they touched “snow” in Mount Hermon. They also visited a Kibbutz where they “milked a cow” and sorted clothes on laundry day.
    According to Yoti Golan, Head of School, “We carry the love of Israel and the desire to teach in our hearts. This drive and passion for Israel influences our students and the overall atmosphere in our school.”
  The Judaic Studies mission of The Hebrew Academy is to increase knowledge about Israel; to create special connections between students and Israel; to make students feel proud to be Jewish; to understand that Israel is their homeland and the existence of Israel is important today more than ever; to strengthen Jewish identity; and to be aware that antisemitism is everywhere.  
    For more information about The Hebrew Academy, visit thanj.org or call Linda Glickstein, Director of Admissions, at 732-431-5525, linda@thanj.org.  

LINDA GLICKSTEIN is a contributing writer to Kiddish magazine

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